Thursday, January 08, 2009

Super-Market Series!

All these were sketched at a super market nearby and then coloured later on
Click to view in a decent size :)

I really enjoyed colouring the girl on the extreme right..just using the polygonal lasso tool...was fast and fun!

this cute kid was my silent admirer at the mall!

REA means SALE in swedish...I superimposed the sketch
on an image of a shopping window I had earlier clicked.


kookiejar said...

I don't understand, with such awesome sketches at your finger tips why don't you post more often?!! Soo doesn't let you?! ;p

The lasso tool one looks fun.... I quite liked the other way of colouring also.... the girl with the red jacket and the old man looks brilliant!
Oh, Btw did you tell your silent admirer that all this is just brushing up for our Saturday Nite Live! : )

whackonondo said...

Arre this is all the result of being TOTALLY away from work for a change....(of course the change in scenery helps!!:D )

Bondhu said...

Thanks for dropping by wonder u like train journeys...your train film is one of my favourite film since my foundation at nid :)still can watch it again and again :)..u shud put that up here too...would love to see again.

Bondhu said...

You Drawings remind me of Larkin's "Walking"....very spontaneous :)

Rajarshi Basu said...

nice stuff viv !!