Monday, January 12, 2009

Bicycles...on a rainy day


kookiejar said...

Oooofff... too much!! Good to see this sudden burst of blogging-energy.
Great stuff... this one.... very spontaneous.... and very cool the way the rain drenched effect has come out with minimal strokes!

Anonymous said...

awesome! and i was sitting there drawing the same thing which looks so bad in comparison!

whackonondo said...

Arre this morning i went to Samuel Michlaps blog...and 20 of his friends' i was BLOWN!!!
they are so out of our leagues man!!!

Anonymous said...


Nivedita said...

Vry good, Baybeens! Kuts, I am sure yours was good too - may I see that too?
Hompus to yous,

whackonondo said...

Thanks dibhai!!!!!
and thanks for leaving so many comments also :)
This is Kutts'blog: