Monday, February 05, 2007

Pigs is Pigs!!!

Some pigs am making for a client's book.
They loved the one on the left but then they told me to 'fatten 'im up'... cause one of their idiotic kids didnt like a thin a more rounder pig on the right!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely...looks like me a bit na?

tups said...

hey... I'm a thin pig turning into a fat pig. Maybe everyone is? (Ohhhhhh, DEEP!)

kookiejar said...

Hey..... sweet pigs!!..... n good to see you here again!

Virgy said...

Love your pig is very beautiful :)

jedi said...

yes yes fatten the pig before u kill
more bacon :D

Diligent Candy said...

This is really cool. Hopped across from Soo's blog.

Do you really think fat creatures are liked more by kids? Garfield - fat, Snoppy- rotund, Obelix - huge ...OMIGOD - it's a conspiracy!